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Learn how to do Upholstery & achieve DIY Upcycle techniques at home.

With detailed tutorials from skilled crafts-persons and DIY enthusiasts, UpholsterCycle aims to show how you too can enjoy the art and craft of upholstering. We share free DIY upholstery how to guides to help you refurbish and restore your pre-loved furniture, car seats and boat upholstery.

UpholsterCycle was born from a love for fine art, design and environmentally sustainable practices. We all use furniture on a regular basis, and our furnishings form an integral part of the physical environment and ambience around us. Learning how to upholster and DIY upcycle old home, car and boat furnishings is an incredibly satisfying activity, which adds color and freshness to our day-to-day lives, acts as a creative outlet to express ourselves, connects us to a traditional age-old craft, and even saves or makes us money.

By educating ourselves on how to do upholstery, DIY upcycle, repurpose and reuse pre-loved furniture ourselves, we can help to keep perfectly useful furniture and items out of landfill, and reduce the demand for ever-diminishing natural resources. Learning to maintain the furnishings we already have should be a skill available to everyone.

Our hope is to share the craft of DIY upholstery and upcycling with anyone keen to learn, in a fun, easy-to-follow and clear manner.

About the Owner


Sara Kooring


Hi, I’m Sara. I’m trained as a fine artist (painting), but several years ago when I realized that a career as an artist is near impossible, I moved to web design, graphic design, PR and writing instead. I love being close to nature, promoting environmentally-friendly practices, using my hands and expressing my creativity, making upholstery and upcycling my perfect creative and artistic outlet.

I am also the owner and manager of the home DIY website NestKoo where I share DIY articles, tips and advice on painting, repairing and maintenance around the house and yard. I’m not afraid of a few power tools (except circular saws!) or getting my hands dirty.

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UpholsterCycle DIY Upholstery Mission & Vision

  • Our #1 priority is and always will our readers.
  • Our #1 goal is to give readers the information they need to upholster and upcycle items themselves.
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