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Howdy from the UpholsterCycle DIY Upholstery team!

Thank you for your interest in UpholsterCycle DIY Upholstery. At UpholsterCycle we love to share quality upholstery how to guides and upcycle DIY tips with anyone keen to learn the age-old art of reupholstering, upcycling and restoration. Whether you’re looking to learn how to upholster and upcycle your home, car or boat upholstery, we are here to serve!

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We welcome you to contact us regarding any questions, concerns or feedback. We also invite any corrections and suggestions for future articles. You can contact the UpholsterCycle team via the contact form below. We run a skeleton crew here at UpholsterCycle DIY Upholstery, so please don’t expect a swift response, but we will do our best.

We are also open to guest posting that aligns with our vision and mission, from quality businesses and topics relevant to UpholsterCycle readers. Article suggestions should be relevant to furniture, car or marine upholstery, DIY upcycle techniques, sustainable living and/or related handicrafts (eg sewing, woodwork). In your enquiry, please describe your business, products/services, website URL, and suggestions for article topics.

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